I'm going to be the next Elemental Lord of Matter, just you wait!

Aureate is a fairly small Primordial who wants to kill the current Elemental Lord of Matter and thake their place on the throne!

  • Name: Aureate
  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Species: Matter Primordial
  • Occupation: Vase merchant (with big dreams)

profile art by ChromaticDrip


Aureate is a Matter Primordial with centaur-like anatomy (except for that their lower body is cat-like). They stand around 3ft6/106cm in height when on all four of their paws. They have brown skin, yellow eyes with white rings that act as their iris and pupil, and wispy gas-like "hair" that emanates from their head and tailtip. Like many Matter Primordials, they have golden bands around their arms, legs, neck, and "waist" (where the humanoid and feline parts of their body connect.) The feline part of their body is hairless and wrinkly, like that of a sphynx cat. Despite their somewhat cat-like appearance (and behavior), their ears are much longer and rounder than those of a cat. Outfit-wise, Aureate usually wears a cream-colored dress of some kind that has a few black straps as accents.

Design Notes

  • The feline part of their body is hairless and wrinkly like a sphynx cat.
  • Their eyebrows look like round, golden studs embedded in their skin.
  • Their teeth are also metallic gold in color.
  • Their ears are more bunny-like than cat-like, and are quite expressive.
  • They have no nose.


Aside from generally behaving like a bratty housecat, Aureate tends to over-complicate things, which leads to a variety of problems and conflicts between them and others. They think quite highly of themself, and are not very good at seeing their own mistakes. When someone points these mistakes out, however, they will more often than not try to learn from it. They often dream big, but the exact dreams are often short-lived due to Aureate's fickle nature. One day they want to be the most successful vase merchant in all of the Elemental Planes, next they want to become the new Elemental Lord of Matter.

Trivia / Fun Facts

  • Aureate was originally made to be a friend of Torio, but things got changed up a little when Aureate's development went the "let's kill the Matter Lord" route.
  • The idea of having Aureate want to kill the Matter Lord and take over that position of power first popped up while listening to Ready As I'll Ever Be, a song from Disney's Tangled animation series.
  • Speaking of music, here's Aureate's character playlist.



Dala has been one of Aureate's closest friends for centuries. They may not have been talking to each other for all that time, but they still consider each other friends. Dala has changed a lot in the period they didn't talk much, though.


Torio used to be a friend of sorts to Aureate, but ever since Torio became a royal guard that sense of friendship became less and less apparent. Especially when Torio had to kick Aureate out of the Matter Lord's palace several times a week because of their misbehavior.


Beau is someone who Aureate would like to convince to be their bodyguard. He's big and strong, and maybe also a bit gullible, and all of that makes him perfectly suited for that job.